Cheryl Cole didn’t know Kimberley Walsh’s album was coming out on Monday :(

Kimberley Walsh.jpgCheryl ‘Cheryl’ Cole didn’t know Kimberley Walsh’s solo album ‘opus’ was due out on Monday. :(

In a slightly odd post on Whosay, the ‘Screw You’ hitmaker detailed the following ‘conversation’:

“Me: i still dont know your album release date ?! Kimberley : oh it’s out Monday babe ! Me: r u for f real. Were U just gonna keep that to yourself!! K: no I’ve been doing promo for weeks ! Me: u told the magazines before me. Wow K: oh… Me: nice!”

That “I’ve been doing promo for weeks!” bit is quite ‘oh dear’ isn’t it.

Either way, Kimberley’s ‘Centre Stage’ album is out on February 4, as in this Monday.

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