News > November 26, 2012

Apparently MKS have Lorraine Kelly to thank for them getting back together

Keisha’s ‘revealed’ that she first thought about getting the Origibabes back together after she saw Mutya on Lorraine.

In an interview with the new edition of posh shiny and inconveniently heavy periodical Ponystep (as quoted here), the former face of Jacques Townhouse cider explained: “I remember sitting on my couch watching Mutya on Lorraine, just after I’d left the Sugababes. Lorraine said “You might as well call Siobhán and get the original band back together.”

“I could see Mutya thinking ‘Perhaps’. That was the start.”

From there apparently Mutya then sent Siobhan a Facebook message and the rest is history.

As for that elusive new music stuff, Siobhan added: “It’s [ie the new album] a step up from the first album. I hope people enjoy it – actually I know they will.”