Sky Ferreira – ’99 Tears’

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So Sky Ferreira has this EP thing coming out in a couple of weeks. You know this because we ran through the facts when we made its lead track, 'Sex Rules', Song Of The Day last week. Contrary to anything you might be reading into the hint that Sky seems not to be a very high priority for her label, there is more than one great song on the 'As If!' EP and '99 Tears' is, as you can hear WITH YOUR OWN EARS below, something rather special. We might keep on making 'As If!' songs Song Of The Day until they're all gone. We might not. And that, readers, is the unpredictable face of 'music' 'journalism' in the digital age. [THIS AUDIO CLIP IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - HAVE A LOOK ON YOUTUBE OR SOMETHING]

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