Foxes – ‘White Coats’ (Faustix & Imanos mix)

We're giving this song /10.

Foxes' 'Warrior' EP has been out since May (iTunes link) but apparently it's not properly out yet because the 'impact date' is July sometime, which is confusing in one sense but pleasing in another because it means we can write about this ridicumazing remix of one of the songs off it.

Key points here:

1. Foxes is an exciting starlet of the pop variety.

2. 'White Coats' is the standout track on an otherwise-very-good-also EP: a breezily epic summertime pop behemoth seemingly beamed into our lives from a parallel world in which Florence is not annoying.

3. This remix puts a donk on things in no uncertain terms.

Look if you're not already sold on this have a look at the 'Listeners Also Bought' section on iTunes.

You can't say fairer than that.

Anyway here's the remix - hold on to your hats.

The 'impact date' is July 9 but it's out now
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