Christophe Willem – ‘Love Shot Me Down’ (Richard X mix)

We're giving this song /10.

Almost exactly one year ago we got quite excited ('Willem, this is really something') about French popsuperstar Christophe Willem's 'Prismophonic' album. (Here it is on UK iTunes.)

Sadly, of course, it was mostly in bloody French, but he's releasing his first-ever English language album next year and it includes - among other things - a new version of 'L'amour Le Gagne', which is now titled 'Love Shot Me Down'.

Not only is it now in English, but it's been given a going-over by Richard X, who's one of various producers on the album.

Also, Christophe is COMING TO LONDON. His debut UK show will take place next week - on November 28 - at London's Bush Hall. You can buy tickets here. 

We love this song and think the show is going to be great.

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