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The salient points

  • Stooshe are a three young ladies from London.
  • Their name rhymes with 'pushy'.
  • Their manager writes their songs and is fairly 'hands on' with the whole thing.
  • They almost signed to Syco but then didn't.
  • When they first emerged in 2011 there was a certain brattish charm to their sweary pop.
  • Some of this was either rubbed away or overexploited when they signed to a major, but the stuff you may have first fallen in love with is still there.
  • 'Love Me'/'Fuck Me' is distinctly above average.
  • 'Betty Woz Gone', however, is a bit too 'look at us, we say controversial things'.
  • In 2011 they were long-listed for the BBC's Sound Of poll, which was all quite exciting.
  • They've given work to Travie McCoy, which we think might be seen as morally dubious by future generations, a bit like child chimney sweeps.
  • It all seemed to be going quite well when 'Black Heart' reached the Top 5 and stayed there for about six months, but then they released a shit cover of 'Waterfalls' and delayed their album, which then leaked anyway. Oh dear.


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