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The salient points

  • 'Pon De Replay' is quite a good first single isn't it?
  • Still, from there she had 'SOS', 'Unfaithful' and about twenty-five singles from 'Good Girl Gone Bad' that are all basically amazing.
  • This is one you might know.
  • 2009's 'Rated R' was a bit 'emo' but still amazing. Brilliantly, it featured both this moody goth-ballad AND this single-entendre sex festival.
  • 'Loud' quickly followed and was promoted by a single release campaign you could politely refer to as 'busy'.
  • In 2011 she released her sixth album, 'Talk That Talk', which came out towards the end of a Loud world tour that seemed to be completely endless.
  • This is rather jolly.
  • She likes a bit of the old sex, did she mention?


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