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Olly Murs braces Here’s a nice chat with part-time hat-botherer Olly Murs
We had a chat with your friend and now ours Olly Murs the other day and very nice it was ...
June 6, 2013 in Interviews & Features
Olly Murs The month of October 2012, with Olly Murs
October 2012 was a month in which various things happened in ‘the world ...
December 30, 2012 in Interviews & Features, Noteworthy
2010′s Worst Singles
Yes, we know it's not polite to dwell on awfulness but know your enemy and all that. Here are 2010's ...
December 27, 2010 in Interviews & Features


queenofhearts Bits About Pop: From Lykke Li getting a dance music overhaul to Pharrell crying a swimming pool
Roll up, roll up, here are some quickly cooling news BAPs. Here’s ...
April 15, 2014 in The News
Olly-Murs Bits About Pop: From Union J staying exactly where they are to Rita Ora telling The X Factor bosses, ‘no, ta’
BAPs entertainment! Look, can everyone stop saying Union J are moving to LA ...
March 6, 2014 in The News
Olly Murs braces Olly Murs’ new album will be out next year but probably won’t feature Robbie
Olly Murs will release a new album next summer but it ...
November 27, 2013 in The News
Olly Olly Murs’ new single now has some ‘cover art’ to go with it
As you well know (because we told you), Oliver 'Olly' Murs ...
October 15, 2013 in The News
Olly Olly Murs is re-releasing his album and now there are some more details about it all
Olly Murs has announced some details about this album re-release of ...
October 7, 2013 in The News

From The Briefing

will-young-jealousy-horiz And it FEEEEEEEELS like victory
Last night in London, Will Young's 'Jealousy' became the tenth recipient ...
November 2, 2012 in The Briefing
We love this song. We loved it the first time we heard it and every time we hear it we love it a little ...
April 18, 2012 in The Briefing