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The salient points

  • When Jessie Ware was but a child, she bought tickets to see Madonna on tour but her parents forbade her to go.
  • Undeterred, she went on to be quite a good popstar herself.
  • She makes the kind of music that could very easily be boring, but somehow turns out to not be.
  • For example.
  • She's actually quite a lot of fun 'IRL'.

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jessie-ware-in-black-and-white-on-a-country-road There’s a new song by Jessie Ware online right now
Jessie 'Jessica' Ware's popped a brand new song called 'Share It All' onto the internet. It's contained within the sound waves ...
July 24, 2014 in The News
Jessie Ware Jessie Ware’s new album now has a title and some ‘cover art’
Jessie Ware's new album now has a title and that title ...
July 17, 2014 in The News
jessie-ware-in-black-and-white-on-a-country-road Jessie Ware’s aware that upbeat songs aren’t exactly her ‘forte’
Jessie Ware has warned that her forthcoming second album won't be overflowing ...
July 14, 2014 in The News
Jessie Ware BNW Bits About Pop: From One Direction’s new ‘scent’ to Naughty Boy and Sam Smith being able to cover their rent
Look, sorry they're a bit late, but here are your BAPs. One Direction ...
June 10, 2014 in The News
edsheeran Ed Sheeran’s been working with Jessie Ware as well as Usher and Hilary Duff
Ed Sheeran's confirmed he's been working with Jessie Ware, adding to previously ...
May 26, 2014 in The News

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jessiewarealbumoprice2 How good is the Jessie Ware album?
It's pretty fucking good, we and 720 other music writers can tell you that for nothing. But is it TWENTY EIGHT ...
August 23, 2012 in The Briefing