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The salient points

  • Icona Pop are Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. But we'll stick with Icona Pop.
  • As for the name, explains Aino, "there’s no story behind the name, it was Caroline’s mum who came up with it and we loved it".
  • But enough about that, how is the music?
  • It's really good actually.
  • They say: "In our speakers you will not hear anything from Ke$ha or Jason Mraz!" Which is funny, as that video did look almost exactly like this, didn't it.
  • Their debut EP, 'Nights Like This', picked up where 'Manners' left off and continued their trait for being amazing.
  • As did their single 'I Love It' (co-written by goth pop chanteuse Charli XCX, don't you know) and their Sweden-only self-titled album, which also featured this above average ditty.
  • Naturally, they are Swedish.

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