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The salient points

  • Cheryl Cole (formerly Tweedy) was/is part of the amazing girl group, Girls Aloud. You may have heard of them.
  • She sports an amazing fringe in this video and sounds a bit robotic on the intro to this.
  • In 2008, Cole joined the judging panel for the X Factor, making her very famous indeed.
  • A solo album, '3 Words', was released and featured the excellent 'Fight For This Love' and the not so excellent title track.
  • 'Messy Little Raindrops' was released in 2010 and features Cheryl singing in French, despite her earlier claims that she couldn't.
  • She caught malaria and almost died but she didn't die in the end and everything was fine.
  • 2011 saw the announcement that Cole would be one of the four judges on the US version of The X Factor (amazing), but that was short-lived and she was kind of sacked and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger (less amazing).
  • After that mess, Cheryl wasn't taking any chances with her comeback single and got Calvin Harris in to produce 'Call My Name'.
  • Speaking of 'call my name', she'd prefer if you called her just Cheryl now thanks very much.
  • Cheryl's third album 'A Million Lights' features songs by Alex Da Kid, Lana Del Rey and long-time collaborator, obvs.

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