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Stop what you’re doing if it is safe to do so and watch this Kiesza album trailer thing

Posted by Popjustice on Nov 11 2014 at about 16:21

In the above picture you can see Kiesza going record shopping and finding a copy of one of her own 7″ singles.

It has been incorrectly filed among the 12″s, but the video from which this image has been extracted is more than just a cautionary tale about the very real staffing crisis that faces a growing number of independent pop emporia.

The video, which you can watch below, is actually a promotional thing for Kiesza’s debut-if-you-don’t-count-the-other-one album ‘Sound Of A Woman’, which is out on December 1 and contains all the hits to date plus a couple of future ones too eg the title track which is a belter.

Pop feels like an exciting place with Kiesza around.

She worked for a long time to get to the point where she could be an overnight success, but the way she quickly established herself as a Big Pop Thing is a good reminder that you don’t need endless dicking around with teaser singles, or courting ‘the style press’, or trying to get specialist radio on board, in order to make an impression.

Sometimes it’s alright if you just chuck out an amazing single, make sure it has a decent video, let everyone know you’re a popstar rather than just someone singing on a dance track, watch the whole thing sail to Number One and find that you’re a global pop property within six months.

In the best possible way, Kiesza makes this whole thing seem extraordinarily easy. One of our big hopes for 2015 is that there are more Kieszas in the charts.