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Here’s Bright Light Bright Light’s Ana-Matronic-featuring new video

Posted by Popjustice on May 06 2015 at about 17:09


That ladies and gentlemen is the sound of nothing.

The sound of silence.

The sound of a reverential hush descending around the world as men and women, children and even some animals, but not cows, sit and wait.

The reason they wait? A new Bright Light Bright Light video is due to appear online. And now the wait is over. Because the video for ‘Good Luck (remix)’, featuring the vocal and visual talents of Ana Matronic, is upon us. And by upon we mean below, because the video in question is underneath these words.

Well that was fun.

You might well be hoping for some context to this audovisual extravaganza, and you are in luck because Rodders has sent over a large block of text to explain what’s going on.

“When I was a student, Scissor Sisters were my favourite band, and when I toured with them, they became some of my favourite people. I had so much fun recording the Pet Shop Boys cover with Ana last year, I wanted to do something special with her again, and who better to add an extra bit of fierce to a track? She’s a star and it’s been a blast re-recording the track with her and making the video – which was the most fun I’ve ever had on a video shoot. It was also art directed by Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters – so it was a little like being on tour together again!”

The single’s out on May 18, and Rod’s ‘Life Is Hard’ remix album due out about a month after that for just under six quid.

SVĒ’s debut album is coming, and it’s extremely good

Posted by Popjustice on May 05 2015 at about 17:59


In 2015, in every corner of the internet, from both music fans and music makers, you’ll find pop being so routinely fetishised without being genuinely enjoyed that it’s hard to figure out who’s an actual popstar and who’s not. But SVĒ is one, and she’s a really good one.

We first wrote about the almost ludicrously talented artist at the tail end of 2013. The long and short of it is that as well as being a superb songwriter and a great vocalist she’s also a really sharp and smart artist.

She knows the right end of pop from the other end, too: so yes, she may be from Brooklyn, but she also loves Max Martin so much that she even likes the song he did for Celine.

You’ll remember her from hits-that-should-have-been like ‘Talking To The Walls’…

…and last year’s ‘Riot’.


But the greatness does not stop there. On June 30 SVĒ’s got an an album coming out. It’s ten tracks long, like all proper albums, and it’s called ‘My Religion’. Don’t be scared by the moody sounding title because it’s all good stuff.

Below you can listen to the title track. Like ‘Talking To The Walls’ and ‘Riot’ it’s been produced by Kyle Patrick. And like the rest of the album, it is GREAT IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

“The track is about having something that you believe in so whole heartedly that it becomes your religion,” SVĒ explains in an email. “In a way, making this album has become my religion.”

Obviously June 30 is miles off but if you pre-order the album now on iTunes you get ‘My Religion’ along with four other songs, which is a bit like getting an EP today plus a surprise second EP in your music library in a few weeks.



Leo Leoson’s ‘Just In LA’ is probably this month’s best new song

Posted by Popjustice on Apr 29 2015 at about 13:36


Leo Leoson is the latest artist from TEN Music Group – the people who’ve brought the world the following pop artists, among various others.

– ELLIPHANT: Amazing.

– ERIK HASSLE: Amazing.

– ICONA POP: Amazing.

– NIKI & THE DOVE: Amazing.

– ZARA LARSSON: Really amazing.

Is Leo Leoson as good as those artists? Well if the rest of his new material is as strong as his current single ‘Just In LA’ he’s probably as good as the whole lot put together.

The song (WARNING: it’s pretty pensive) appeared online last week…

And the video (WARNING: also pensive) just appeared online.

There are some older tunes on Leo’s SoundCloud but ‘Just In LA’, with its is a huge leap forward from all that in every respect so this could be a really exciting new thing.

(Leo’s Facebook is here.)

(And his Twitter is here.)