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Leona Lewis’ new single is now on the internet

Posted on May 11 2015 at about 11:48.
Louis Walsh

Simon Cowell has tweeted about Louis Walsh’s exit

Posted on May 11 2015 at about 09:15.

BEHOLD. Here’s a stream of Bebe Rexha’s excellent new EP

Posted by Popjustice on May 10 2015 at about 18:11

Bebe Rexa EP

There was no fanfare, no big explosion of hype, no instant media saturation. Instead, slowly but surely, song by song, Bebe Rexha has spent the last 18 months establishing herself as one of pop’s brightest hopes.

These 18 months are bookended by two impressive achievements as a songwriter – at the end of 2013 she was the songwriter behind the chorus hook and the post-chorus hook in Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘Monster'; more recently she co-wrote (and co-vocaled) the current Guetta & Minaj single.

Between those two hits, and as well as writing for other acts, she’s emerged as a solo artist in her own right. In the UK, her Cash Cash collaboration ‘Take Me Home’ was a big hit, while songs like ‘I’m Gonna Show You Crazy’ created significant waves online.

It feels a bit like Bebe Rexha is standing on the precipice of hugeness, and in a few days she releases an EP, because it’s 2015 and life’s too short to bother with proper albums. Thanks to Bebe (or the people in charge of her SoundCloud account’s embed codes) Popjustice is premiering that EP today.

You’ve probably heard three of the songs already, but it’s the other two – ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ and ‘Sweet Beginnings’, both ballads – that suggest Bebe’s first full-length album, whenever it arrives, will be something rather special. Factoring in songs like the brilliant ‘I’m Gonna Show You Crazy’, as things currently stand she seems to be occupying a rather interesting middle ground between Charli XCX and Ellie Goulding, which isn’t a bad place to be.

Anyway here’s the EP.

If you’re in the UK, Bebe’s got her first London date coming up in ten days.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Monday) and you’ll be able to buy them at this link. More details are in the image we’ve nicked off Bebe’s Twitter.


Five behind-the-scenes photographs from Leona’s new video

Posted by Popjustice on May 10 2015 at about 17:02

Leona Lewis has a single coming out quite soon. It’s ‘Fire Under My Feet’, the song she started teasing last year (!) and you’ll be able to hear the whole thing tomorrow.

This is the artwork.


Good artwork right? Obviously she’s not going to get the best out of that umbrella if she holds it like that but let’s not forget that it sometimes takes Leona a while to cotton on to the way the world works so hopefully she’ll figure out the whole ‘umbrella over head’ thing before it starts pissing it down. Mind you, it looks like her brolly’s got some holes in it, so she’s in for a tough time whatever she does.

ANYWAY, the ‘Fire Under My Feet’ video’s popping up tomorrow too and they’ve sent over some still images from the video shoot so you can prepare yourself for what you will see.

In the first image we see a drummer, drumming, in a hat.


In this second image, a child sits on the floor.


Three images in there’s still no Leona but below you’ll see that there IS a woman, and Leona is a woman, so you can see how it works as a Leona video.


Image four: HERE SHE IS! A man is trying to feed her a sausage but she’s having none of it.


Below you will see Leona chortling about something. What is it? We may never know. Perhaps she is laughing at this joke:

Q: Where does bloody Leona Lewis go when she visits sodding Paris?
A: The bleeding Louvre.


BONUS IMAGE! Here’s a man trying to suck his own penis.


Well this certainly looks like  it’s going to be quite a video! Here’s a short teaser in case you cannot wait until tomorrow.