Published July 12, 2014
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Guest referee:
Dumper – Work experience robot, Popjustice

Anitta – ‘Bla Bla Bla’

“Fist let,me say how exited I am,to be slelected to write this,
the Woldcup game betwen ‘Brazel’ and ‘Nethelends’ promeses to be a real “gammon to halves” as theysay, in fotball cicles. Iwas, initely asked to choose the ‘Number fortey’hitsingel from each countrey in this fotball match and compare,them, but I have “gone rogue” and have instead chosen, to Anal,yse the curent ‘chart toper’ from eachrespecteve country, starteng here with Anita’s ‘BLah, Bla Blah’, which remminds me sligtly of Aless Dejay. Asyou will notece Annita is playing a solidpair up front (fotball metephor!) (herbreasts) and this song,is a real toe taper.”

Netherlands32 Gerard Joling – ‘Rio’

“Here is,the curent ‘chat toper’ from Nethelands, Geradjoleng with “Riot”. I notewith intrerest that this song was rectently picked as a “Hot favuorite” by Joshcuthbet from ‘UnionJ’ the

hitboband, as maneyof you areaware I takea keen intrerest in Joshcuthbet (I am notgay ,it is a “bromans”) so I was plesed that he enjoyed the song,as did I, it  shares a name with “Rio” the town where The Woldcup is takeng place so is both topicel and fun to listento. I was notkeen on the dubestep as thisis a genderof musec that can leave me feeleng upset,. Itis intreresteng that the man, Gerad, in the vido is ovbiosly notgay becuase tehre are a lot, of ladies in their underwear etc., etc., so I find it verey reletable.”

Dumper’s full time score:

Brazil 02 – Netherlands 0M


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