The Briefing > October 9, 2012

Let’s just remind ourselves of Girls Aloud’s three best singles

Look, we like a countdown as much as anyone else but sometimes you can’t go wrong with solid pop music and pop music doesn’t come much more solid than these bonafide, epoch-defining blasts of popmindblowingness.

Girls Aloud’s Third Best Single Is: ‘SOMETHING KINDA OOOOH’

Nothing quite encapsulates Girls Aloud’s ‘Top Tunes, Shit Vids’ manifesto like this 2006 banger, which thunders through numerous different phases without pause for breath. It is a bit like being repeatedly punched in the face. It is a TOTAL POP ASSAULT. But in a good way. Popjustice does not condone violence.

Girls Aloud’s Second Best Single Is: ‘BIOLOGY’

You can’t mistake its amazeology.

As a bonus, here is the legendary Tony Lamezma mix of the song. BRACE YOURSELF.

Girls Aloud’s Actual Best Single Is: ‘CALL THE SHOTS’

Not only Girls Aloud’s best single but a clear contender for Actual Greatest Song Of The Millennium.

Please be aware that these are officially Girls Aloud’s best singles, and the ranking is not open to question. There is one question worth pondering, though. And that question is: How do you follow that?