The Briefing > May 6, 2010

Election night, 1997-style

In the not that distant past, just before the music industry ran out of money, even crap record labels used to throw huge sums of money at parties. One such party took place on election night in 1997, when Telstar spent a lot of money on a HUGE pissup at Chelsea Town Hall promoting Ant & Dec’s third album, ‘The Cult Of Ant & Dec’.

We kept an invite.

It was one of the first music industry parties we went to – it was free booze all night and needless to say we got extraordinarily drunk.

We hassled a variety of famous people including Nicky Clarke, Egg from
This Life and the keyboardist from Brother Beyond then briefly met Ant
& Dec, which seemed very exciting. (There was a rumour that the Pet Shop Boys were in the bulding but we couldn’t find them, which was probably just as well.)

We have vague memories of some sort of swingometer being on stage and the election results were read out on the night. Everyone went mental and danced to D:Ream.

‘The Cult Of Ant & Dec’ got to Number 15, Ant & Dec were dropped and Telstar went out of business seven years later. Happy days.