The Briefing > January 30, 2013

Does anyone want a Sky Ferreira promo CD thing?

So this arrived in the post.

It’s a Sky Ferreira promo CD from Polydor who are apparently putting out the excellent pop person’s music in the UK.

There are three tracks on it, but they’re all ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’, although that’s not exactly a bad thing is it what with the whole “‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ being quite good” business.

ANYWAY even taking into account wear and tear we’re unlikely to ever need more than two copies of this and there were five in the envelope so we might as well give away the other three to You The Popjustice Viewer.

If you’d like to win one, whack a comment in the box below and tell us the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you or a friend. Best stories win. A slightly obvious question but one that will hopefully ‘bring the LOLs’. (Unless nobody wants a copy but why wouldn’t you? It’s got shiny writing on it and everything.)