The Briefing > May 22, 2013

Believe when we say we like it this way


As we mentioned yesterday, live music is almost always shit. Post-Tumblrpop covers are also, let’s be honest, usually a waste of everybody’s time.

And yet.


This exists. This piece of video shot during last night’s Charli XCX instore performance at Chicago’s Borderline Music. This pure and genuine and straightforward tribute to an all-time pop classic.

One wonders what it says about the current state of pop that a coming-at-pop-sideways artist like Charli XCX feels confident in and proud of her love for ‘I Want It That Way’, while a boyband like The Wanted are so self-conscious about the reality of their existence that they feel they have to take the piss out of it in order to be taken seriously.

Like the Charli cover? Here it is from another angle.

And another one.

You know, people don’t half quack on about fans filming things at gigs, but if people didn’t capture moments like this, where would we be? Consider how much better your day is thanks to these three video clips. Consider how much richer popular culture now is. That’s a big old fuck you to the “boo hoo someone’s capturing a joyful moment in their lives” brigade isn’t it.