The Briefing > October 30, 2012

A chat with Misha B while she was being driven around London

Misha B’s got a single out and to help promote it someone who works within ‘Team B’ thought it would be a good idea for her to have a phone chat with us about it. Here’s what happened.

Hello, Misha B, how are you?
I’m great.

Where are you?
I’m in the car and we are in Soho.

Where are you going?
I’m on my way to see the guys at That Grape Juice.

We live in exciting times. And where have you been?
Well, I’ve been in the MSN building. I was recording some stuff for them.

Even more exciting. How are you finding being a popstar?
Well you know, it’s exciting.

Is it living up to all your expectations?
Expectations and more. I’m finding myself meeting some very very snazzy people like yourself. [We’re talking on the phone, ‘FYI’]

Who’s the snazziest person you’ve met so far?
Er, well, let’s just say I met Grace Jones the other day.

Amazing. What happened?
I met her in a shop.

Really? What, Grace Jones was in Tesco?
No, a shop, like a corner shop. I had a furry hood on. It’s called a Spirit Hood, it’s almost like an animal hood but it has a scarf on it as well. It’s all one piece. Anyway, I felt like a hand on my head so I turned around and she said ‘oh, I don’t expect anybody but people like me to be wearing stuff like this’ and I was looking at her thinking this can’t be true. Then she looked at me and smiled and I said, ‘Grace?’. And she said ‘yeah, what’s your name?’. Then I said my name is Misha B and it went on from there. I can’t believe I met her.

What did she have in her basket?
Groceries. I think she brought some bananas.

What bit of being a popstar do you like least?
The un-normality of it. For me, the positives outweigh the negatives, but the little downfalls for me are having to adapt to the fact that you can’t go where you want to go when you want to go. I’m a shopaholic and I like to go and buy my own stuff and I have to keep my head down now and if I do want to go shopping I have to leave a good two hours earlier than normal.

Does the B stand for anything interesting, or just Bryan?
If I’m being really honest, the B just stands for Bryan. It can also stand for ‘Bold’. People say it stands for Misha Business or Misha Bossy.

According to your Twitter you were at Thorpe Park yesterday. How was that?
It was good, although one of the rides made me feel sick.

Did you go on Stealth in the end?
Yeah! It was well cool.

How tall are you?
I’m actually 5 ft 1″.

Were you too small to go on any of the rides?
Oh no, you’re insulting me!

It’s just health and safety, Misha.
(Unconvinced) Well no. No, those days are over.

How’s your mate Missy Elliott?
She’s okay. She tweeted me the other day. She’s cool. Her new singles are wicked.

Are they though?
Yeah, the main one I like is ‘9th Inning’. That’s my favourite of the two.

Didn’t you want something completely bonkers like ‘Work It’ or ‘Get Ur Freak On’?
I hear what you’re saying. A lot of people are saying that.

Obviously releasing a mixtape is ‘de rigueur’ these days, but why did you want that to be your first musical statement after The X Factor?
Well before I actually went on the programme I was in the middle of putting one together so I felt like it was only right. It was kind of a way of saying thanks to everyone that voted for me and give a bit of a taste of what was to come.

How did you pick the covers that were on it, like TLC’s ‘Unpretty’ for example?
Well TLC, apart from Destiny’s Child and the Spice Girls, are my favourite group. ‘Unpretty”s been a song that’s always motivated me since I was young.

Do you ever feel unpretty Misha?
I mean there are days. If you woke up in the morning and saw me, you’d run.

Were you annoyed that your debut single peaked at Number 11?
No. Do you know what it was? I know you probably hear this all the time, like, ‘I didn’t expect anything’, but I genuinely was just happy to have some material out and have people enjoying it. I feel like with my first single, you know, it could have gone either way and I think it did well considering it was very urban. It did well.

Misha, what is your “ying yang”?
(Laughs) My grandma asked me the same thing! You should watch the video and then call me and ask me what it means. It could mean anything that you want it to mean.

When this whole ‘Misha B’s a bully thing’ started happening on The X FActor was there ever a point where you thought, ‘this isn’t really why I got into this, but thanks for the opportunity, I’m off’?
(Laughs) You know what it was, even though that situation happened – and as a cliché as it sounds – I feel like we face situations like that to figure out how emotionally strong we are and going into the industry, I think it’s a great experience for me to have experienced so early on.

That’s true. You’re probably not going to experience anything as horrible as that again.
I hope not!

The best outfit of yours on The X Factor was of course the newspaper dress. Were there any ideas that were turned down for being too ridiculous?
On the Halloween night I had the big horn! If everything had gone to plan, I would have had two horns. I didn’t want two.

‘Do You Think Of Me’ is a bit of a dancing-with-tears-in-your-eyes moment. What inspired the song?
[The line goes quite wonky at this point, but she says something about moving to London recently from Manchester and understanding more about what that song means now she’s away from her friends and family and blah blah blah.] It’s about missing someone. Somebody that’s not in your life anymore, ie your girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe even someone that’s passed away. There are so many different things and every time I sing it it has a different meaning, so it feels like I can never really get bored of it.

People are speculating that it’s maybe about your mum.
Well, that’s one of the things I’m wondering about in the song. Along with that it’s about me moving over here [to London], because I don’t really know anyone. I find myself turning around quickly because I’ve seen a car my brother drives and remembering that he’s in Manchester and I’m in London.

Ah. Well you can always come into PJ Towers and do some transcribing if you get bored?

You ‘teased’ your fans on Twitter by releasing individual letters of the song’s title one tweet at a time, but in the wrong order. Exhausting. Can you give us a letter from the album title please?
I wish I could but we’ve not decided what it is yet. One thing I do know is that it won’t be self-titled.

When is it out?
Late February, early March. We’ve pushed it back.

What are the three things people will learn about Misha B from the album?
The album’s a great reflection of who I am. Everything on there stems from reality. Lots of the stuff I’ve written based on how I’m feeling.

What’s on your rider for the Nicki Minaj tour?
So far I have a bit of brandy for my sore throat.

I also have a drawing board.

Like an Etch-A-Sketch?
Yeah yeah yeah. It’s my way of calming down.

Do you tend to draw after the ‘gig’ or before?
Either. I’ll start before and maybe finish if I feel like it needs to be finished.

Anything else?

This is a pretty big tour, surely you can make huge demands. Like only red Skittles or something?
(Laughs) I’m not really a fan of Skittles. I like Minstrels.

When Stooshe supported Nicki Minaj earlier this year they had to perform in front of a giant white curtain. What will be written on your curtain?
Well, I know that I’m going to have a banner and stuff.

Will it be that picture of your ring?

The ring with Misha B written on it, obviously.
Oh no no no. I think we’re going to have a new one.

What do you call your fans?
They all have different names for themselves. Recently they’ve been calling themselves Rugrats. Some of them call themselves Aliens.

Why do they call themselves Rugrats?
The thing is, I’m a fanatic of the Rugrats. It’s my favourite kids programme. I love that they say ‘everyday’s an adventure’.

Finally, should cats be kept indoors?
If you don’t want your female cat getting pregnant then yeah.

‘Do You Think Of Me’ is out on November 4 and you can pre-order it here