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Here is your chance to win a huge amount of free food with JUST EAT.

SPONSORED POST! Posted by Popjustice on Apr 17 2014 at about 17:06

singforyoursupperDo you like food? WHO DOESN’T.

Do you like singing? WHO DOESN’T. (Britney probably but let’s not get sidetracked.)


Basically sit at home while somebody else cooks monoliths JUST EAT are giving away two grand’s worth of food vouchers including a top prize of £249.99. To give you some guide, that top prize amounts to more than fifty portions of Roast Pork & Chicken Fried Rice from Popjustice’s local Chinese takeaway. That’s enough rice to build a miniature igloo.

Imagine that. A miniature igloo made of rice with bits of meat in it.

“This sounds amazing but I presume there is some sort of food-related catch, and perhaps a music-related one too given the site on which this post is featured.”

Well yes. To enter you have to make a video (obviously) in which you sing about food. If you think that sounds alarming in theory just have a look at some of the existing entries, some of which really have to be seen to be believed.

This is a video JUST EAT have made.

Full details can be found at this page, on Twitter and on Facebook. The closing date is April 25 so don’t mess around.

If you do win and if you do make an igloo out of rice please send us a picture. GOOD LUCK.