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Gwen Stefani’s on the Maroon 5 ‘LP’

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Invader Girl’s ‘Starting Fires’ video represents majesty, fantasy and complete ridiculousness

Posted by Popjustice on Jul 22 2014 at about 16:12


We’ve had high hopes for Camilla Roholm for some time now. When we first wrote about her back in 2012, she was unsigned and calling herself Cinnamon Girl. She was also unmistakably amazing.

During the intervening years we heard that she’d signed to Sony and at the end of last month, now calling herself Invader Girl, she whacked online a MSMR remix of her first proper single ‘Starting Fires’. She was still unmistakably amazing.

That remix now has a sort of video, which we’re premiering today right below this paragraph.

To accompany this video of a trotting unicorn we decided to email Invader Girl a few questions about what’s going on, and here’s what she sent back.

There is a strong unicorn element to this video, in that it’s basically just a unicorn. What do you like about unicorns?
“Aside from the majesty and fantasy element, I love that they are completely ridiculous. Nothing quite says cloud cuckoo land like a unicorn.”

There’s a unicorn in the video for the shit new Paris Hilton song. If any Popjustice readers are going on holiday soon and need a popstar to look after their unicorn, who should they choose out of you and Paris?
“Me of course! Paris might stick it in her handbag and forget to feed it.”

Can you explain how you feel the proper version of this song compares to the remix, and are you worried that the remix will overshadow the proper version in a Tove Lo style, or is that actually the plan?
“Not remotely worried. The remix is good but the real version is better. It’s the only track on my album that has big guitars on it too, which feels exciting.”

What are you doing next Thursday?
“I’m travelling Back to the Future! Going to Secret Cinema. I’m so excited I could hurl. I wanna dress up like Marty McFly’s 80s girlfriend.”

When this single comes out is it supposed to be a hit? Or is it supposed to set up a different hit? And if it’s not supposed to be a hit and all gets a bit out of hand and becomes a hit, what will happen to the song that was originally supposed to be the hit?
“Ha ha ha ha! Best question ever! It’s definitely the set up track. I of course still hope that people will like it though. Once it’s out there it’s out of my hands.”

This could, indeed, all get a bit out of hand very quickly. The proper actual non-remixed version of ‘Starting Fires’ is 100% brilliant and the other new material we’ve heard leaves us in no doubt that fans of Marina & The Diamonds, Charli XCX and Tove Lo will soon have a new name to add to their favourite popstars spreadsheet.

For the time being, you can keep up with Invader Girl on Facebook and Twitter.

Because we all deserve more than one Solange in our lives

Posted by Popjustice on Jul 22 2014 at about 15:36


20-year-old singer of song Solange Hilario is almost certainly one of the current pop landscape’s Top 2 Solanges.

Her debut single, ‘Tick Tock’, is out on July 27 [iTunes pre-order] and we should have posted it on Popjustice ages ago because it’s really rather splendid, but we didn’t so apols for that.

Here’s the video.

It’s good isn’t it? It doesn’t really sound like much to start with, then by about a minute and a half in you realise it’s actually pretty special.

The basic story with Solange is that she once came fourth on Portugese Idol (didn’t we all) but more recently she’s been working with All About She, Red Triangle and Cutfather.

Here’s another picture of Solange, proving once and for all that you can’t go wrong with a good hairflip photo.


There’s even – brace yourselves – a photograph of Solange IN COLOUR.


Naturally ‘Tick Tock’ comes with a variety of remixes.

This Wideboys one is pretty good.

The Wickaman mix, meanwhile, is quite enjoyable if you like the boinky drum ‘n’ bass sound that’s taken over half the Radio 1 playlist.

Not feeling that? How about the Electronic Youth remix, sure to be quite enjoyable if you like the wobbly deep house sound that’s taken over the other half of the Radio 1 playlist.

Here, finally, is an acoustic version which may well appeal if you are a fan of brilliant, smartly-executed electronic pop music with all the smartly-executed electronic bits taken out.

We’ve asked Solange’s people if we can hear some more music because it feels like Solange might be onto something rather good here, and they’ve send us this – another song called ‘Time’.

And as we prepare to finish writing this post our thoughts now turn to how we might promote it across social media and, with heavy heart, we conclude that it will probably involve shamelessly using the word ‘SOLANGE’ without the word ‘HILARIO’. If you have indeed arrived here today expecting some Knowles action we can only apologise, but we hope you have enjoyed what you have heard and do not hate us too much.

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