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Scottish independence: what would it mean for pop?

Posted by Popjustice on Sep 16 2014 at about 11:07

In two days, the people of Scotland will take part in what is billed as the most important vote in living memory: independence from the rest of the United Kingdom.

There are so many issues at stake here, with question marks hanging over employment, the monarchy, and the future of the NHS.

But what about the big issues? Here’s what an independent Scotland could mean for pop.



If Scotland achieves independence, it could have its own iTunes store. While Scottish artists could effectively block their releases to buyers from the remaining countries in the United Kingdom, they could also find that they are unable to purchase music by great artists like Pixie Lott.

Release dates


In Ireland, music buyers are able to buy new album releases on a Friday, while the rest of the UK has made do with a Monday.

Could Scotland arbitrarily pull their own releases forward by an extra day, meaning that Scottish fans get music 24 hours earlier than everyone else? Continue reading ‘Scottish independence: what would it mean for pop?’ »