william-orbitWilliam Orbit's been answering questions on his Facebook page about the perceived vocal glitches on 'Alien', and basically there's a story behind it all but he can't say what it is.

Replying to a comment by Sam Ferraro about the glitch at the 2:14 mark during the "and the light in your eyes" bit where the vocal seems to skip, Orbit said:

"playing it now, nearly at 2:14…Woah! yeah! there is is. There is actually a long story behind all of this which I would love to tell. But I won't. I might be chatty here on facebook, but some things are best left alone."

(Odd that he'd only just heard it).

He then reit­er­ates a point made elsewhere that the version that leaked prior to the album streaming wasn't the demo, as had been claimed: "Bear in mind though that what has been called the 'demo' is not in fact the actual original demo."

The use of inverted commas around demo seems to imply that that version was Orbit's actual version and that perhaps it's been tampered with after­wards, which would explain the fact he'd not heard the album version before. But then he was the one that said the leaked demo ('demo') wasn't the final version. Or maybe he just means there were loads of demos and that wasn't the first one?

One day all this won't seem important.