"Musician, innovator and global entre­pren­eur" (or so says the press release) will.i.am has finally 'unveiled' that car he's def­in­itely been designing for Lexus. The one we told you about here.

And here it is.


Sorry, here it is.


Basically it's a silver car, but this being the work of Mr i.am there are some fancy (and probably unne­ces­sary) extra bits, so pay attention:

  • There's an ultra wide body kit featuring brushed 'aluminum' (they mean aluminium), carbon vinyl and matte pearl white paintwork.
  • This could be the first car to come with an inverse safety feature: four 180° external cameras allow for panoramic pictures to be captured and displayed on a smart phone. (!!!)
  • Brace yourself, there's a custom-built steering wheel and hand embroidered Nappa leather interior which carries the willpower logo.
  • Fans of 22-inch alloys will be pleased by this car. The wheels have appar­ently been given "a highly luminous black machine finish".
  • It's powered by Lexus’ all-new 2.0l VVT-iW turbo petrol engine and newly developed six-speed automatic BLAH BLAH BLAH


Here's a quote will gave to someone at Lexus who then popped it on the press release:

"When I found out Lexus wanted me to be involved in the Striking Angles campaign, my first thought was ["HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE"], can I design a car with you?  I’m honored [HE MEANS 'HONOURED'] to be launching my bespoke Lexus NX F SPORT in Paris –this car is super fresh [IT'S A SILVER CAR] and incor­por­ates my personal style [COMES WITH ASYMMETRICAL SUNROOF]. My point of view is the best kind of design will encourage other people to interpret that design.”

There we have it. Well done all.