Roisin Murphy

'Orally Fixated' hitmaker Róisín Murphy's said her new album "goes to places most pop music never does", which sounds sim­ul­tan­eously exciting and ter­ri­fy­ing.

Communicating with the world via the medium of a hand-written note uploaded to Instagram, Murphy said the following:

There was a desire to make an unques­tion­ably refined record. It's multi layered, elec­tronic and live instru­ment­a­tion, musically it goes to places most pop music never does. It's emo­tion­ally bare and laced with irony. I def­in­itely didn't set out to make something unique per-se but eddie's [Stevens, producer] vision is like nobody else's on the planet and it really is like nothing you've ever heard before. So it's impossible to describe except to's heartfelt.

There's no release date set for all this just yet of course.