pj_384Shy and retiring singer of popular song Miley Cyrus is retiring her tongue.

The 'G.N.O — Girl's Night Out' hitmaker spoke about this (very wise) decision on some French TV programme, noting: "It's the new Miley tongue. I think people always take pictures of them­selves and me doing it is just being myself so it's kind of like my style now…[But] that's getting a little old. I'm going to have to retire it!''

You'd think with such a long tongue she'd be able to touch her nose.

"For as long as it is, you would think that I could touch my nose. I mean I've tried it, I can't, I'm so close. I wish I had more control of it, I can't do any tricks, no four leaf clover, nothing!''

A good day for pop music.