Look, Hilary Duff wasn't even aware that Charli XCX had even offered her 'Boom Clap' in the first place.

She says words to that effect in an exclusive interview with Popjustice, which'll be going online later today and also features various inter­est­ing pieces of frank and funny chat regarding the singer's recently-announced return to pop via a big new deal with RCA.

The back­ground to the 'Boom Clap' story is that last month Charli told Popjustice how she was initially dis­ap­poin­ted (or more precisely "really bummed out") that Hilary's people knocked back the song.

"I didn’t know that I had an option to have it," Hilary says now. "It’s my favourite song on the radio right now."

"I remember there was talk about my label trying to get us to write together and it was in New York and I was flying home so I didn’t have time to have a session with her. I am literally obsessed with that song and I didn’t know that it was an option for me."

All might not be lost, however. "If she wants to give it to me now," Hilary adds, "I’ll still take it!"

She is, of course, joking — her new album's finished, she seems very happy with it and the first single 'Chasing The Sun' is ready to go.

Stay tuned to Popjustice for the full interview which we'll be putting online later for the benefit of Hilary's American fans who, as you read this, are probably still in bed.