And when we say 'pretty good' we mean one of our Top 10 Pop Moments Of All Time.

The danger, we felt before­hand, was that it would be a slightly insular look back at times gone by, but the setlist was a perfect mix of just enough really old stuff, just enough mid-Babes more recent stuff, and just enough 'Flatline'-isn't-as-good-as-it-gets future­stuff. Surprisingly, it really felt like the start of something.

The best new song they played last night, which we hand't heard before, is a song called 'Today'. MNEK worked on it and it has TWO AND A HALF CHORUSES.

The defining point of the show, however, is captured in the following YouTube clip of the band per­form­ing 'Stronger'. They key moment comes at 2:10 when it gets to 'the Heidi bit'. You wonder how the band will handle it, and the person who's recording the clip assumes, like most of us, that Mutya will take the vocal. But then… Well, watch the clip.

We can't remember the last time we heard a live audience react like that. A very special moment.

Here's another one of our favourite new songs — 'I'm Alright'.

We love 'No Regrets' as well.

As for the rest of the set, well, that was jolly good as well. YouTube isn't short of clips if you fancy losing the rest of your afternoon.