News > January 28, 2013

Union J have signed to RCA

Mostly-singing, rarely-dancing boyband Union J have signed a deal with RCA, according to RCA.

RCA are quite pleased with the whole affair. “The band – who have over 9 million views on Youtube and over 800,000 twitter followers – have already started recording new material,” a press release notes, “and will be releasing their first single in June.”

June! That’s literally the month after May.

But what do Union J have to say, you might wonder. WONDER NO MORE, because they’re in the press release as well.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be signed to RCA,” they told the RCA press release. “Being on X Factor was such a great experience and the perfect way for us to start our musical journey. Hopefully 2013 will an amazing year for us and we cannot wait for everyone to hear our music.”

Thanks guys, you really made that press release statement your own.

You’d expect that the single will be an 8/10 affair, right? In the meantime, if you would like to see ‘The J’ on tour they’re doing the X Factor thing at the moment.