News > April 18, 2013

Olly Murs’ next single will be ‘Dear Darlin”

SHOT_18_0083f1 copyOlly Murs’ next single will be the “heartfelt ballad” ‘Dear Darlin”.

The song was co-written with your friend and ours Ed Drewett and will be available to purchase on June 3.

Olly had this to say about the song: “Writing with Ed and him being my friend [CLANG] helped, as we sat there for hours before writing, going over old relationships and recalling their scenarios.”

Fascinating stuff.

“It’s about writing to someone to tell them how I feel about losing someone,” he ‘explained’. “It’s not the kind of song you’d expect me and Ed to write, as we’re bubbly characters, but we were able to open up to each other”.

‘Bubbly characters’.