News > April 10, 2015

Nero have announced their new album and there’s an instant grat thing on iTunes now

Nero - Between II Worlds – Final

Here is some good news if you, like all right minded people, consider Nero’s current single ‘The Thrill’ to be a total masterpiece: the band’s new album is out on August 28.

It’s called ‘Between II Worlds’ and you can hear one new song right now (via the magic of SoundCloud and/or instant grat technology) and other new songs tonight (via the Coachella livestream thing when the band ‘take to the stage’).

The album includes ‘Satisfy’ from last year (which was amazing) as well as new single ‘The Thrill’ (which is out at the end of May and will be Number One for approximately eight weeks).

These are all the songs and the order in which Nero are keen for you to listen to them:

1. Circles
2. The Thrill
3. It Comes And It Goes
4. Two Minds
5. What Does Love Mean
6. Between II Worlds (you can listen to the title track here if you like)
7. Into The Night
8. Satisfy
9. Dark Skies
10. Into The Past (Reboot)
11. Tonight
12. Wasted

The album’s pre-orderable now from iTunes and you get the title track as an ‘instant grat’.