News > December 30, 2013

Kylie’s chosen her new single and it sounds bloody amazing

KylieKylie Minogue has done an interview with a French newspaper (thank you Simon C for emailing us the link) and in that interview she says various things about her new album.

The interview is, for obvious reasons, all in French, but thanks to the wonders of Google Translate we can tell you that she has already chosen the first single.

“I’m curious nature,” says Kylie / Google Translate. “I multiplied experiments to try several things, while remaining faithful to my DNA, which could define myself as a singer of ‘dance pop moving and joyful’.”

Moving and joyful being, of course, the very best type of dance pop.

Kylie / Google Translate continues: “We have the first single. All the people who listened to told me that it was undoubtedly a ‘Kylie song’. Let’s say it is a mix between that part avant-garde had ‘Slow’ or, at least, really different from the pop then this classic side found in the ‘Love At First Sight’ and its modern, contemporary, ‘[Can’t] Get You Out of My Head’ … We pray for a new ‘Can’t Get’! ... Yes, I think it is really a ‘Kylie song’ whatever the definition given to it. This song fits this range is mine. Because I am a performer, I do not like being locked into a single job.”

Thank you, Google Translate.

In other news, while Pharrell and Sia have already been linked to the album, last week in a Guardian interview it was confirmed that Ariel Rechtshaid is also on board which is quite exciting.