News > October 30, 2012

Keisha’s found some old Sugababes songs down the back of the sofa and might dump them online

Former face of Jacque Townhouse cider Keisha Buchanan has found some old Sugababes 1.o demos and is thinking about chucking them on the internet.

‘Taking to Twitter’, she exclaimed: “Found a bag full of old demo tapes from myself, shiv & mut singing when we were 12 lol There’s at least 30 tracks! Sounds so funny & Cute!”

‘Shiv & Mut’.

But what is she planning on doing with them all?

“Hmm what 2 do with them;-) As red face as it makes me I realllly wanna share it with you guys lol,” she went on.

“Let me talk to the girls & get back to yo.”

If we could have a new MKS song while you’re at it, that would be great. IN YOUR OWN TIME LADIES.