News > December 10, 2013

Katy B’s new album now has a tracklisting and confirmed release date

Katy BEDIT: Click here for an updated tracklist/artwork thing

The songs on Katy B’s forthcoming album ‘Little Red’ now have specific titles (DON’T PANIC, ‘AALIYAH’ IS THERE).

Also, the album’s out on February 3, which is quite soon actually isn’t it.

Katy B’s label asked her for a quote for the press release and this is what she had to say for herself:

“That first album had a certain innocence about it. I think this album has a bit more experience. My relationships have got more serious, I’ve moved out of my parents’ house, I’m dealing with issues on my own. My friends are all going through that transition as well – those questions you ask of yourself as an adult.”


Here are those songtitles:

EDIT: Katy’s people have been in touch to say that the following tracklist is due to change, so bear that in mind if you’re thinking of getting it tattooed across your back.

1. Next Thing
2. 5AM
3. Aaliyah feat Jessie Ware – HURRAH
4. Wicked Love
5. Crying For No Reason
6. I Like You
7. All My Loving
8. Tumbling Down
9. Blue Eyes
10. Saphire Blue
11. Stay Down
12. What Love Is Made Of

We are currently trying to listen to the album on a stream the label sent over but it keeps cutting out which is annoying.