Stooshe – ‘Slip’ (Kat Krazy mix)

stooshe - slip
We're giving this song /10.

Stooshe haven't properly unveiled their new single 'Slip' yet - there are bits of it in this Sun Online article - but from those bits, and from the sound of this understated but rather exciting remix, they might be back on track following 'The 'Waterfalls Debacle' at the end of last year.

The proper radio edit seems to be a rather (completely) Supremes-esque 60s-themed affair and while this mix isn't quite as banging as Kat Krazy's usual fare we can definitely imagine hearing it on Kiss FM during the day. That would be quite good wouldn't it.

In summary:

1. From what we can tell it might actually have been a good idea for Stooshe to hold the release of their album until this year, so well done whoever decided to do that.

2. And what we mean by this is that 'Slip' sounds pretty great.

3. The End.

May 13, 2013
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