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October 22, 2013

Say Lou Lou – ‘Better In The Dark’

Released: December 16, 2013
Label: Columbia
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December 16! That's quite the release date, isn't.

A release date that says "we're not messing around here chaps, we've signed to Columbia and we're ready for hugeness".

A release date that says "big swooshsome wintery semi-ballad".

A release date that says "this song is available to buy when the BBC Sound Of 2014 poll results are announced".

To be quite honest with you the b-side to this release, a song called 'Beloved', is about eight hundred times better than the a-side you can hear below, and when you hear how good the a-side is you will grasp just how devastatingly incredible 'Beloved' really is.

Presumably the band are keeping the song back for a proper single release at a future date but for the time being let's enjoy the majestic aceness of 'Better In The Dark', which as Christmas anthems go isn't exactly the Kelly Clarkson song but will probably seem increasingly lovely as the festive season approaches.




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