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July 16, 2012

No Doubt – ‘Settle Down’

Released: Out now
Label: Interscope
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"Been around the block before, doesn't matter any more."

The chances of this No Doubt comeback single being a dud were slim to non-existent but it's still a relief to hear with our own ears the definite amazingness of 'Settle Down'.

In terms of signature sound the track doesn't really mess around - this is definitely a No Doubt tune, rather than a Gwen one - but it gives the less Popjustice-friendly end of the No Doubt 'sonic' 'palette' a swerve, and by that we mean it goes easy on the ska-punk racket side of things. Hurrah.

To these ears it's instantly brilliant but it feels like a grower too, so it will probably be the size of a 'Bad Romance'-themed skyscraper by the time the album's released in THE MIDDLE OF BLOODY SEPTEMBER.

45 seconds of the song is below - you can go over to their official site if you want to hear the full thing.


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