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images Adele’s been nominated for four Ivor Novello awards
The nominations for the Ivor Novello Awards, celebrating "excellence in songwriting ...
April 17, 2012 in The News

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will-young-jealousy-horiz And it FEEEEEEEELS like victory
Last night in London, Will Young's 'Jealousy' became the tenth recipient ...
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Bad Bad as in good; bad as in bad
As you know, the 25th anniversary edition of Michael ...
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A brief guide to the newish popular music act known as ‘Moonrunners’
We did a tune by Moonrunners as a Song ...
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When it comes to promotional items Wiley is a generous fella-ella-ella
We got sent a promotional umbrella last week. ...
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Girlgroup killed in tragic Photoshop disaster, world mourns
What you see above is a picture of the ...
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