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The salient points

  • Girls Aloud could not speak French but were content to let 'funky music' do the talking.
  • They released several immensely brilliant singles and albums while single-handedly (well Xenomania helped a bit) redefining the modern pop song.
  • The band became one of the most important acts in the 'history of Popjustice'.
  • After Cheryl joined the X Factor panel in 2008 they released the not exactly terrible 'The Promise' and everyone loved them for a bit.
  • The band sensed that with things going well it was the perfect time to take a year off. The year lasted for three years.
  • They came back in 2012 with 'Something New' and everyone went fucking bananas.
  • People went slightly less fucking bananas about 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me'.
  • On March 20 2013 Girls Aloud played the final date of their tenth anniversary tour, and subsequently announced that they were basically splitting up.
  • 'Call The Shots', though. 'CALL THE SHOTS'.

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