The Briefing > January 9, 2013

What’s in the envelope and what does it mean?

Something arrived in the office the other day and the whole experience took us back to the heady interesting-things-arriving-in-envelopes days of 2006.

Here is the envelope.

odd tape recorder thing1

A typewritten address label. Mysterious. Here is the postmark.

odd tape recorder thing2

It was sent from London by someone who works in an office or has access to a franking machine.

What’s inside?

odd tape recorder thing3

This is a tape recorder player thing. It contains no tape cassette.

But wait! There is also an envelope in the envelope.

odd tape recorder thing5

And there is a thing inside the envelope.

odd tape recorder thing6

Who is ‘H’?

And what does this marking on the tape recorder mean?

odd tape recorder thing4

We know what you’re all wondering now. Are there batteries in the tape recorder?

odd tape recorder thing7

Yes there are. But they’re cheap ones from Maplin.

What do we know?

1. The letter ‘H’ is relevant.

2. It’s sent from somewhere ‘proper’ (hence franking machine).

3. They have the budget to send out a tape recorder, but not get decent batteries.

4. That’s it.

Do you think it’s worth being interested in what happens next? Part of us hopes for something as exciting as the earlier stages of iamamiwhoami, but part of us has learned the hard way to expect something shit.


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We’ll let you know when we know. (To be honest we haven’t been through today’s post yet so there might be something in there, we’ll keep you posted.)