The Briefing > March 14, 2014

Sia. ‘Chandelier’. Exclusive clip. BLIMEY


At the end of last year we crowned Sia our Pop Entity Of 2013.

This accolade was mainly due to Sia’s services to other members of the pop community, but we also knew that during 2014 she was likely to explode all over pop music as a proper solo artist in her own right, picking up where 2010’s brilliant ‘We Are Born’ left off.

When you think about all the

Actually we’ve started to waffle.


That’s the very start of the chorus, which ends up spiralling off in such an epic direction that it sounds, near the end, like Sia’s head is about to fly right off.

We reckon ‘Chandelier’ could be a Single Of The Year contender, but don’t just take our word for it. Earlier this afternoon we were having a chat with [CLANG] Kylie Minogue about ‘Chandelier’. As you know, Kylie has such a deep trust in Sia’s pop instincts that she asked her to executive-produce her new album.

Kylie’s verdict on ‘Chandelier’? “She’s only gone and done it again.”


The full song (did we mention it’s quite good?) is out on Monday – we’ll have it on the site at 4am UK time. The 4am thing is not a joke, that’s actually when it’s going live. SET YOUR ALARMS.