The Briefing > June 17, 2013

Robyn’s got a new video coming out, but what’s happening in it?

Here is an image from A BRAND NEW ROBYN VIDEO that will be appearing online tomorrow.


Details are pretty sketchy but, basically:

  • It’s a video for ‘U Should Know Better’.
  • That’s ‘U Should Know Better’ as in the one off ‘Body Talk Pt 2’, which came out three years ago. (?!)
  • Don’t get excited about this being a video that cleverly leads into the unveiling of a new album campaign because we asked about that and there’s no new Robyn album due this year. :(
  • But apparently it exists now because “the treatment is so good, it’ll make sense once you see it. It’s a really fun video, lots of juxtaposition and things not being quite what they seem”.

But what can we actually deduce from this one frame?

Let’s have a look.

1. Criminal intent?


FBI Agent Robyn Sanseverino was a character in various episodes of The Sopranos. She was played by actress Karen Young, who also appeared in Jaws: The Revenge. Is Robyn a shark?

2. Neneh of dem?

robynu7 robynu6

Both these Neneh Cherry posters are from around 1989. Is this video set in the late-80s? Is Robyn hinting at a new musical direction? Is the ‘Raw Like Sushi’ sealife reference yet another clue that Robyn could in fact be a shark?

3. Cushion burn girl?


Two red cushions and a stuffed monkey. Or, as we know them in the UK, Scouting For Girls.

4. In my eyes (and mouth)?


This red picture is a face of some sort. Does Robyn have a face? (Yes.)

5. Who’s that girl?


It’s probably Robyn, let’s be honest.

6. Electric?


This is an old-fashioned Mac from many years ago. But not as many years ago as Neneh Cherry. Is the room in which ‘Robyn’ finds herself somehow existing in two different temporal realities?

Hang on – enhance.


Pan right and pull back. Stop. Enhance 34-36.


Wait a minute. Enhance 15-23.


Give us a hard copy right there.