The Briefing > May 17, 2012

I learned ten things at last night’s Scissor Sisters show and here they are

  1. Scissor Sisters fans are very keen.
    There was a giant queue snaking around the Shepherds Bush Empire from about 6:30pm. Obviously keen to avoid standing around for hours I sought sanctuary in the pub next door where they were playing Christina Aguilera and Yazz – it’s as if they knew we were coming.
  2. Scissor Sisters know how to treat their fans.
    Upon entry we were given a mini bag of ‘Magic Hour’ pin badges. Everyone loves a pin badge and who wouldn’t want one of a zebra traversing the skies atop a rainbow?
  3. Checking out the first support act can be handy.
    Bitches With Wolves were that act and enjoyable they were too. There are no signs of bitches or wolves on stage as BWW is in fact a boy, with synths. Some of my favourite ever things right there.
  4. Having a DJ on stage is an excellent way to keep the good vibes going between acts.
    Scissor Sisters know this, which is why they had someone keeping the crowd entertained with some ‘banging tunes’.
  5. Little Boots has some very good new songs.
    As well as the songs we know and love, Little Boots played a number of new songs that everyone should really get excited about. None more so than next single ‘Headphones’, a disco pop stomper which has shades of Kylie running through it. I am still very much smitten with Miss Hesketh.
  6. Scissor Sisters have pop pulling power.
    There were a number of familiar faces in the crowd. These included the faces of Siobhan Donaghy and Nicola Roberts. Those gingers just love a night out in West London.
  7. The new Scissor Sisters songs have reinvigorated the old ones.
    The songs from ‘Magic Hour’ sit brilliantly alongside the classics and give an added thrust to their live set. Older hits such as ‘Kiss You Off’ and (everyone’s favourite gay cockney knees up number) ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’ now share stage time with fervent club thumpers such as ‘Shady Love’ and ‘Only The Horses’.
  8. Their work with Pharrell has had some surprising results.
    Reflective electro newbie ‘Inevitable’ snaps, crackles and pops like the Bee Gees re-imagined for 2012.
  9. Scissor Sisters are excellent musicians.
    It’s easy to forget when listening to them on the radio that Scissor Sisters are all accomplished musicians and, let’s not forget, also somehow managed to make Pink Floyd interesting, which is no mean feat.
  10. Never marry someone with a tattoo of the Scissor Sisters’ faces.
    At one point Ana Matronic encouraged a fan onto the stage, where he then proposed to his girlfriend. He then went on to show off his charming Scissor Sisters back tattoo. And if that’s not mind-boggling in itself, she said yes.