10 Amazing Things About Lily Allen

    * ImageShe’s like various people who aren’t very good (except good) and various people who are good (except better). To make this absolutely clear what we mean is that Lily is an AMAZING POPSTAR with some AMAZING SONGS which are UNUSUAL yet MAINSTREAM.

    * According to Lily – and she should know – Lily’s influences include Blondie, Baby D, Kriss Kross, Kate Bush "when she was my age" (however old that might be – let’s say 19), Neneh Cherry, The Slits, Eminem and Rolf Harris. Never before has a popstar counted all these artists among their influences. Not since the last Geri Halliwell album, anyway.

    * Her MySpace profile demands "if you are a goth, don’t add me please."

    * Her MySpace profile is here, actually, if you fancy ‘checking it out’.

    * ‘Nan You’re A Window Shopper’ collides 50 Cent with Limp Bizkit but still manages to be a complete work of genius, largely due to the fact that it sounds nothing like 50 Cent or Limp Bizkit and also thanks to its likelihood of being the only song you will hear this decade to contain the line "you’ve got a leak in your colostomy bag". Until the next Geri Halliwell album, anyway.

    * ‘Smile’ features the lyric "when you first left me I was wanting more /  But you were fucking that girl next door". Faced with this sort of business it’s now very easy to see precisely why some felt a little ‘short-changed’ by the pop persona known as Rachel Stevens.

    * While we’re talking about Lily’s MySpace page, let’s just pause (or PAWS!!!!!!) to consider how brilliant it is that this dog appears in her profile.


      We want to get a dog but Mrs Popjustice won’t let us. :(

    * We really don’t want to be all ‘MySpace this’, ‘MySpace that’, because frankly that sort of ‘talk’ makes us want to blow up the internet and go back to doing fanzines, but we do love her for blog entries like this…

      "The last thing one needs when experiencing a hangover such as this is to be rudely awoken by the radio and that trollope Edith Bowman warbling on about how she is just BESTEST friends with just about anyone, so long as they are in a band and preferably wearing skinny jeans and stripey cardigans, and how the Magic Numbers are just absolutely brilliiant, AGAIN (fuck off you silly cow). At least the weather’s good, innit?"

    * She’s signed to Parlophone, home of such household names as 3rd Edge and Morning Runner.

    * And that is enough to be getting on with for the time being. LILY WE COMPLETELY LOVE YOU!