Alison Moyet in bullet points:

  • Amazing in the 80s!
  • Amazing in the 90s!
  • We sort of lost track a bit in the 2000s but that stuff was probably of a reasonably high standard as well!
  • Now completely amazing in the 2010s!

Regarding the 'completely amazing in the 2010s' part of that exhaustive career rundown, what we have before us today in 'The Changeling' is an extraordinary, very modern-sounding and effortlessly stylish comeback tune that teases Moyet's first album in six years. You will note that her voice sounds completely sensational but that's to be expected really isn't it.

The smart, decadent production is the work of Guy Sigsworth, he of 'various above-average pop productions over the years' fame.

Alison's making 'The Changeling' available as a free download RIGHT NOW over on her website; album 'the minutes' is out later this year and that's preceded by a proper single called 'When I Was Your Girl'.

Free download, available now
Label: Cooking Vinyl
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