That bloody woman from the Pussycat Dolls has made no secret of how much more famous than the rest of her group she has always wanted to be and now we have her first solo single to judge her chances of achie­iv­ing that. That bloody woman is Nicole Scherzinger, a bloody woman to whom nobody ever dared suggest some sort of 'stage name'.

Here is her first single 'Whatever You Like', and what follows is what we think about it.


1. There's no real chorus.
2. But it is still quite memorable.
3. It is the leftovers from the shelved Chilli (TLC) solo track 'Straight Jack'.
4. It stands about as much chance of changing the world as a load of clapped-out old rockers doing some songs on a big stage in North London.
5. It is essen­tially 'okay' in every sense of the word.

While we're at it, also okay is the Jessica Sutta single 'White Lies', which she has done with Paul Van Dyk. It is a million miles away from the Nicole single, being a full-on rave anthem instead of a shuffly R&B thing.


Jessica Sutta is the Pussycat Doll famous for knocking her chair over at last year's American Music Awards. Her song has been hanging around on the internet for a while now but we really didn't have anything pressing we needed to say about it.

If nothing else the diverse sounds of these two records have whetted our appetite for the rest of the Pussycat Dolls solo stuff and we are fully expecting Melody to release a drum'n'bass track, Ashley to attempt death metal, Carmit to try her hand at 'scat' and Kimberley to have a go at a little bit of skiffle. We'll have to leave Asia assigned to a career in mime for the time being, since God only knows what the rest of the band have planned for her future. It probably involves a canal and a pair of cement Jimmy Choos.