News > November 20, 2012

Tulisa owes all her succes to The X Factor don’t you know

Global Relevant Urban Star Tulisa has admitted that the only reason her solo career is so great is because of her stint on The X Factor.

The ‘Live It Up’ chanteuse ‘fessed up’ to Metro about this, saying: “At the end of the day, I’ve got to where I am as a solo artist with The X Factor.”

“I’m not saying musically my music wasn’t good enough [she is, we are, you are, everyone is], I still believe Young would have gone to No.1 but the way that I have been blown out of proportion is fully down to The X Factor and I am grateful for that and I would never bite the hand that feeds you.”

Surely it must of been a bit weird seeing all the contestants slaughter sing ‘Young’ the other night though?

“That was like a reality check like ‘let me pinch myself for a sec’. Two years ago, I was watching The X Factor. Now I am on the panel watching people sing my song.”

So Honest.