Nicki Minaj is already talking about her next album

Nicki Minaj has been chatting about her next album even though she’s still flogging the last one via this ‘Re-Up’ nonsense.

Asked by Fuse what we can expect from her third album, the ‘Keys Under Palm Trees’ chanteuse said:

“A continuation of ‘The Re-Up’ with just more…I have a lot more to say. But production-wise, I love where ‘The Re-Up’ went and I want to continue down that path and then I want to add onto that musically.”

Asked who she’d like to collaborate with, despite having collaborated with just about every person the planet, she added: “At this point it doesn’t even matter. I’ve worked with so many amazing people and I want thank them again for this opportunity. I think it’s just about the right time and the right chemistry.”

It’s about money, basically.