News > June 22, 2012

Misha B’s album will feature all her different ‘flavours’

Misha B has been talking about her single and  forthcoming album.

Being interviewed by Music Week about ‘Home Run’ she said: “It started off a sad song inspired by my ex but then elements of fun were added!”

“Everybody at the label was like ‘This has to be the single’. I feel like it’s a great starting point and it really captures my sound,” she added.

‘Captures my sound’.

The as-yet-untitled album will also show off her various “flavours”: “I hate the word journey, but that’s what my music is! [The album] will showcase all my different flavours.”

Fans of Misha the rapper will be pleased to know she’ll be doing that “every now and again” but only “when it feels right”.

‘Home Run’ is out on July 15.